twentyeight to nuthin'
--The_Lex Sun Dec 18 22:24:39 2005
'Foppish' has two 'p's.
--Catherine Mon Dec 19 09:15:45 2005
Also, yes I believe that does count as a pidgin. And there are enough PhD Linguistics students about for at least a few people to be studying it - as far back as five years ago the fabulous British linguist David Crystal wrote a book called 'Language and the Internet', which touches on this sort of thing. Language and language study sites are very well represented on the Internewt, so if you do a search you'll probably find a few mentions of it.
--Catherine Mon Dec 19 09:18:21 2005
Duly noted and correted.

But I'm not sure what to Google on for this particular topic...
--Kirk Mon Dec 19 09:32:51 2005
It may also be an attempt to compensate for an English keyboard.

--ericball Mon Dec 19 10:04:27 2005
Yes, that's exactly why...well, the keyboard and possibly character-display issues. I'm sure if technnology wasn't an issue they'd prefer to write in Russian.
--Kirk Mon Dec 19 10:37:02 2005

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