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do you really mean ethnically jewish? aren't we all culturally jewish these days?

--FoSO Thu Dec 22 08:51:27 2005
You're right, ethnic is the concept I was thinking of.

Are we all culturally Jewish these days?
--Kirk Thu Dec 22 09:00:45 2005

It's race and ethnicity that people tend to confuse. Race being a superset.

Wouldn't "culturally jewish" imply being part of a Jewish culture? I think it takes more than watching Seinfeld to make american culture jewish. Especially to the point where they cannot be distinguished.
--Mr. Ibis Thu Dec 22 11:57:20 2005
I don't know about exact definitions but I'm not sure they're equal. I think of "cultural" as more "active participation" and "ethnic" as more "lineage / family based". Since that's the definitions I use to work with, FoSO is right in pointing out I shoulda said ethnically and not culturally.
--Kirk Thu Dec 22 12:59:20 2005
Yeah, I think you are right. In this context, ethnic make more sense. Especially with that distinction.

Still, in many cases they equate. Moreso in countries where ethnicity has significant consequences. Iraq or Eastern Europe, for example.
--Mr. Ibis Thu Dec 22 14:47:34 2005
It's extremely personal, but a person's culture to me refers to the subset of person's experiences and history that is 'relevant', and that they choose to take with them on their life journey. This may include religion, dress, customs, courtesies etc. A person's ethnicity refers to an entirely racial aspect.
--Wing and a prayer Sat Dec 24 08:20:13 2005

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