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There must be some or other history of the British special forces that can tell you more. Most Special Forces histories tell of the heady days of American and British commandoes making all sorts of trouble for the Germans and Italians all across Europe.

I recall reading of the repeated commando attacks on a heavy-water manufacturing facility in Norway-- they never succeeded in completely knocking it out, but they would ski in and blow it out of commission for a month or two, several times.
--LAN3 Tue Jan 3 17:36:56 2006
A lot of these links are for other sell-a-pixel sites. There's one unusual one for <a href="http://www.meetbypixels.com/">MeetByPixels.com</a>, where pixels go to meet. Naturally, it's a bunch of tiny pictures of lonely, pale men.
--Nick B Tue Jan 3 18:22:36 2006
I visited that site about a week ago when the media broke the story and there were quite a few spots still, but all paid and reserved now save the last thousand pixels he's auctioning off at E-Bay, currently at $25 000 and counting with 7 days to go. Personally, I find it a bit gimmicky, but it must be a good gimmick if it works.

Wishing you a blessed 2006.
--Wing and a prayer Wed Jan 4 08:29:23 2006
Well, it works for now... once the publicity dies down, it won't be particilarly traffic driving.
--Kirk Wed Jan 4 09:20:45 2006
Heh, and looking down at my IP counter, yesterday looks like it was a particularly bad day for unique visitors, though the metering mechanism isn't particularly reliable.
--Kirk Wed Jan 4 09:21:29 2006
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--Ginamarie Mon Feb 13 23:08:08 2012
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--Cizarina Fri Jul 6 20:03:05 2012

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