all the illusions of grandeur you have about me are wrong
haha is this quote directed towards me? ;)
--Candi Sat Jan 7 14:19:07 2006
Depends on where you plan on putting your fingers...
--Kirk Sat Jan 7 17:24:32 2006
Sounds like you've discovered the serendipitous origins of this lovely product:
--matthias  Mon Jan 9 10:29:49 2006
friu kdeuwvto ozygwvin cwuvt vdira wlrbvu emrijapg
--wzdjifh zjukagdxi Sun Jan 18 00:37:53 2009
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--Adobe OEM Software Thu Mar 8 06:20:37 2012
Hi Mr Ozzie Zehner  bumped into you on the Twitter Nice book  I look fawrord to reading all the chapters May the day be well for you and happy where you!Kind regardsEmma Bathgate
--Mavi Wed Mar 14 23:09:37 2012

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