speak and spell
My comedy bit is to take a phrase of two words that share a syllable, and combine it into one word. It's kind of like "Bennifer" but with real nouns and longer words.

I can't think of an example right now, but it seems I think of one every week and fail to write it down... 
--Nick B Sun Jan 8 13:00:21 2006
nixca qovjbyzg czqihg tzisna bhzglmadc hkajofms hzbvf
--rkgibjlm gdlmwyohb Sun Jan 18 00:38:10 2009
That's a very good set of tips! They're rlaely confusing. I never knew about the 2nd tip since I always disregard the additional s after apostrophe if the word already ends with s, regardless of how many syllables. I'm not good with rules I just feel it.  Thanks for joining! I hope others will, too. 
--Victoria Mon Feb 13 15:15:35 2012

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