travellin' man day 2
I fondly remember the pass through Dallas on our way to Mexico.
--Beau Mon Jan 16 09:20:46 2006
Yeah, that's the trip I was thinking of, though its been kind of overshadowed by a trip I took a few years ago.

Actually I have a lot of memories from that original trip, just not much about Dallas.
--Kirk Mon Jan 16 10:53:58 2006
Jeff S. and I left early from that trip and had to spend the night in Dallas by ourselves. That was awesome for a couple of kids. 

On the way down through Dallas I felt like sheep being herded through the airport.
--Beau Mon Jan 16 11:08:21 2006
Love this photo dude:

Actually just the other day I was cleaning and found the yellow-covered, red-binding tourbooks we were all given...
--Kirk Mon Jan 16 11:16:51 2006
I have never been to Dallas. Damn.

My mother's particularly fond of that goldfish thing, too. It reminds me of 'the *other* phonetic alphabet'
A for an 'orse
B for ham?
C for miles
etc etc etc.....
--Catherine Mon Jan 16 12:24:44 2006
Huh? I can kind of sort see the first one but besides that...
--Kirk Mon Jan 16 12:47:56 2006
Oh, I kind of get it.
Like there could be a
F ter ham

or something...
--Kirk Mon Jan 16 14:36:17 2006
Even better...
I was reading the first one wrong, I thought it was A for "AN 'orse"
--Kirk Mon Jan 16 14:38:50 2006
Just in case others haven't got it -
Hay for an 'orse
Beef or ham
See for miles

and so on. It helps if you think of them in a Cockney accent. And not some terrible Dick Van Dyke Mawy Pawpins one, either!
--Catherine Mon Jan 16 19:39:56 2006

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