travellin' man day 6
*showers you with attention*
--Candi Fri Jan 20 08:40:36 2006
you just absolutely cracked me up!! i was feeling quite special until i read the last few lines!!! haha. thanks for the 'deigning' portion of meeting with this 'common folk'!! you are pretty cool.
--aparajita Fri Jan 20 10:48:49 2006
heh heh... know what is really funny??? i feel semi famous just by association!! cool. :)
--aparajita Fri Jan 20 10:54:30 2006
Kirk and Aparajita
Sittin' in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes the baby in the baby carriage
--Anonymous Fri Jan 20 14:15:49 2006
aparajita, kirk's subconcious has always had a big mouth. ;)
--kirk will kill me if i admit to this comment Sat Jan 21 08:34:43 2006
What, my psychic, able to see the future subconcious?
--Kirk Sat Jan 21 10:08:05 2006
plus that protestant guilt... ;)
--FoSO Sat Jan 21 11:46:01 2006

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