v2-ti frutti
Followed the link to the old Kisrael entry then clicked on the link for the Altered Beast Website.

The part about the Scream and the Thinker getting inserted as background graphics amused me quite a bit.
--The_Lex Mon Jan 23 13:55:00 2006
Pykrete is clearly made from pies. Come on, that would solve the problems of invasion and food distribution to civilians in one! A plane made entirely of pie....
--Catherine Tue Jan 24 05:11:36 2006
"A plane made entirely of pie...."

and suddenly WTC changes from tremendous tragedy to Stooges-esque comedy!
--Kirk Tue Jan 24 09:21:06 2006
I live but to serve....... *sweeps low, possibly slightly ironic, bow*
--Catherine Tue Jan 24 11:41:06 2006

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