yippy ki yay
Cool pics, funny self portrait. Bedding story definately funny. i could not in good conscience wait any longer to tell you!
Still unemployed. `
--erinmaru Sun Jan 29 16:51:47 2006
The shredded beef jerky can be found at many convenience stores here in MA also. I thought it was OK, as a driving snack.
--Eric Mon Jan 30 00:28:52 2006
Oh really? I had never noticed the shredded type. I thought it would coorespond more in regions where chewing tobacco got more play.

I think the shred was a bit fine for my taste. Kind of like what I imagine fishfood would be like if it was made of meat.
--Kirk Mon Jan 30 09:43:08 2006
Cool blog- we went to school together! Look up Kim Lyle in the yearbook (1992). I'm Kim Polcar now. Chow.
--Kim Tue Jan 31 13:39:00 2006

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