this is the end
mmmm... jerky...

You should come out with your own brand called "Kirky Jerky"...

Eh? Eh?
--Mr. Chicken Sun Jan 29 22:12:57 2006
I liked the SMB2 ending because the animation was of a scale not seen on NES games before. Sleeping Mario was big enough that you'd think he'd be more rigid.

Something about the music reminds me of the overworld theme.
--Nick B Sun Jan 29 23:21:02 2006
One thing I loved about that game is how the music changed during the pause, leaving like just the bassline without meoldy or percussion...just a nice little touch.

And yeah, that's an almost SNES-looking Mario asleep.
--Kirk Mon Jan 30 00:46:37 2006
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--Massitan Tue Apr 24 09:10:27 2012
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