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Er, buh? Greenspan's not responsible for the government's debt-- he's responsible for the money supply, and making comicly incomprehensible speeches. His only duty towards the government's debts was cutting the payment checks.
--LAN3 Tue Jan 31 14:03:48 2006
Well the two thoughts weren't directly related...I hope the new guy does as well as Greenspan did. And I hope that we as a nation get the debt thing under control. The two thoughts are related because public radio played Greenspan's one speech where he says "gee, guess I was wrong about debt, we're growing our way past it after all" just a year or two before the deficit exploded once again.
--Kirk Tue Jan 31 15:12:04 2006
Here's a series of articles on what Greenspan did during his tenure:

--Sean Conner Wed Feb 1 03:02:06 2006
Of all the educational issues that people get up in arms about, I am amused and disappointed that intelligent design draws so much attention. I think this has as much to do with its critics personal/political feelings towards its proponents as its lack of educational value. It is an easy issue to get a handle on that really does not get to the heart of what needs our focus in our public education system.
--Cole Wed Feb 1 10:59:49 2006
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