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I have friends who keep their fish in a coffee maker!
--Candi Fri Feb 10 11:06:31 2006
The foreground fish is, IIRC, a Swordtail Tetra. Pretty fish, but the "sword" is usually a target for nipping if you have aggressive fish in the same tank.

Still, how hard would it be to resist tapping that "Pulse" button?
--LAN3 Fri Feb 10 21:37:00 2006
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--tjfpvxoh dbpyj Sun Jan 18 00:18:20 2009
This forum needed sahknig up and youÂ’ve just done that. Great post!
--Gerrilyn Mon Jun 20 11:02:51 2011
I wanetd to spend a minute to thank you for this.
--Cindy Tue Jan 3 09:54:44 2012
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