I like the five-day layout. I remember many a time that I've had to go back to kisrael for something, and it was the day that it went into "archives."

I've never had to refer to an article three days into the "archive."
--The_Lex Sun Feb 12 17:33:32 2006
How much snow did you guys get? Still Sunny and 80 degrees here in Cali!
It's hard to depressed with all that glorious sunshine.
--Erin Maru Sun Feb 12 18:00:03 2006
Erin, has Sarah enlisted you in the "get Kirk to move to California" brigade or something? Though her idea is to get me to San Diego (I guess she doesn't recommend Florida for other folk, though that's where her hubby has brought her)
--Kirk Sun Feb 12 19:01:21 2006
Nah, It's my first year in California and the weather really is a new experience for me.  Just wide-eyed wonder here.
--Erin Maru Sun Feb 12 22:22:13 2006
k, homonym error! paragraph three.
--FoSO Mon Feb 13 08:43:56 2006
The funny thing is, I think the site -> sight homonym error is made more likely because I'm talking about "looking"... thanks
--Kirk Mon Feb 13 09:09:22 2006
A professional site is one which helps me to find what I'm looking for with as little effort as possible, and as a corrolary - wears it's identity on it's sleeve.

--ericball Mon Feb 13 11:19:35 2006

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