The mashup reminds me that yesterday I was hanging over the shoulder of one of my coworkers as she was puppy-shopping online. She found there's a really adorable mix of Beagle and Bulldog: a Buggle. If it's a Beagle and a Pug, it's a puggle, which is also cute.
--LAN3 Thu Feb 16 12:35:33 2006
The best way I've found for telling if you're an audio or visual thinker is this - are you more likely to have music or pictures in your head at any one time? (It seems simplistic, but there is more to it than first appears.)
--Catherine Fri Feb 17 08:02:46 2006
Hmm. I guess I'm more likely to have a narrative, as opposed to music... For a long time I thought my internal monologue *was* my "self" or seat of consciousness, though I now realize it's not there as much as I would have thought it was. But I guess that's a vote for "audio"

not a bad rule of thumb though!
--Kirk Fri Feb 17 09:08:36 2006

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