the perpetual nostalgic
The thing about the "sleeping on it" research is that you end up making a decision that you are "happier" with. Which makes sense, I sould imagine your subconscious knows more about which car you want to own than you could ever rationalize. So if we're talking about car shopping, then you can weigh all the factos you want, but you'll be happiest with the decisions you've slept on. I would imagient he same goes for travel destinations. However, I would not use it as a tool for all decisions.
--Mr. Ibis Sat Feb 18 10:47:44 2006
Yeah. I guess right now the big question is how much attention should I pay to this urge to run some place and warm and bright.
--Kirk Sat Feb 18 11:11:42 2006
You're my favorite information packrat!
--Candi Sat Feb 18 12:08:07 2006
sometimes I mis-parse your Palm Journal as "Psalm Journal." Ditto a lot of references to Palm, because since I've never used one (went the PocketPC route for the duration of my handheld usage), Palm is not a word I easily recognized when capitalized, while Psalm is.
--LAN3 Sat Feb 18 17:49:32 2006
Heheh. Psalm Journal. The stylus is my shepard; I shall not want...
--Kirk Sat Feb 18 19:09:15 2006
Ahh, that urge. I had it for a long time. Giving in was easy. I think that moving across the country is not something you do on a "hunch" though. I'd factor it into the decision with about 10-20% weight. 
--Mr. Ibis Sat Feb 18 21:13:51 2006
I think we can also temper our subconscious mind by learning, expanding our mind and also with reaffirming values we want to uphold and such.

I worry a lot about the people who don't necessarily like the values that I like, though. That's one thing I'm trying to understand better with my thesis and why I'm looking into learning some stuff about social cognition.
--The_Lex Sun Feb 19 10:20:07 2006
It's weird how we can reprogram are subconcious mind. I remember one music camp I was determined to be unhappy, and turned "I hate everything about this place" into kind of a silent mantra. I was a little shocked when, during the final concert, I was starting to think a "I hate..." about something else and some undercurrent in my mind chipped in with "everyting about this place!" It's one of the few times I remember being truly startled by my subconcious.
--Kirk Sun Feb 19 10:53:31 2006
The book, FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY, pretty much works with the premise of how susceptible our minds are to suggestion. I think you stumbled onto that premise, yourself!
--The_Lex Sun Feb 19 18:47:44 2006

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