Re: the food stuff. . .I'm not so sure what you're saying. Disappointment in food but then you mention where you've gotten some great food.

If the places where you've gotten "good" food is representative of the type of places where you've been eating, I have to say that I'm not too suprised by the disappointment. =D
--The_Lex Tue Feb 21 11:25:38 2006
In DC I went to a few Thai places, a pub (which can sometimes be really good), a few other local places, and this one "Roadhouse" theme restaurant w/ my Aunt and cousin. I was batting about .333 in terms of places i considered decent.
--Kirk Tue Feb 21 11:38:39 2006
You should've tried one of the multitudes of Ethiopian restaurants down there.

But I thought you were generally disappointed in all food lately. I have that experience every once in awhile. . .that might be some kind of taste bud overload or something, though.
--The_Lex Tue Feb 21 12:26:40 2006
Well, some of both. I had some expectations when of the places I was going in DC though.
--Kirk Tue Feb 21 12:40:45 2006
I'm also finding I get a bad case of sticker shock when I go out. I seem to be paying more for food which isn't very special.

When I travelled on business, my wife could never understand why I didn't want to go out for dinner after I got home. Now that she's done some travelling on her own, I think she understands restraunt food loses it's appeal after a while.
--ericball Tue Feb 21 14:14:03 2006
Please explain 'Hamfisted' as I am not familar with this term. 
--Erin Maru Tue Feb 21 21:52:58 2006
This has nothing to do with my "healthy" edge (everyone gets so surprised when I drink coffee or a soda), but I think the issue with restaturant probably comes from too much salt or artificial sweetness.

There's something refreshing about spices used to accentuate the taste in food rather than to give it taste or the great taste of fresh food.

Then again, I can also get too much fresh food, too. . .depending on the taste of it.
--The_Lex Tue Feb 21 22:05:31 2006
Hamfisted? Heavy handed? An insufficiently subtle touch?

Or are you just making fun of me? Or yourself?
--Kirk Tue Feb 21 22:25:30 2006
Really, I've heard a couple of times before, but it doesn't make sense to me. I know about ham as heavy handed, but not ham fisted.
--erinmaru Wed Feb 22 21:05:18 2006
Well, I think it's fairly common. 

It's also a nice visceral image... some burly guy's hands replaced with big pink fat hams, just swinging around and doing damage.
--Kirk Thu Feb 23 10:37:23 2006

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