a timeless quality
It's amazing how many subliminal smiles are designed into things. Like clocks alwasy reading 10:10. Or the front/back of the New Beetle.

I've been watching the robot faces on the backs of cars for years. It's a good roadtrip game, especially at night, since their eyes are glowing red. Some are humorous, others malevolent or serpentine. The variety is amazing.

Still, I'm not quite as obsessive as the guys who put together that flickr set from a while back. At that point it starts to resemble apophenia (thanks, William Gibson).
--Mr. Ibis Wed Feb 22 11:20:23 2006
Well, why have months in winter unless you're planting crops? (I know nothing about agriculture.)

I guess that explains why the last four months are named after the wrong numbers.
--Nick B Wed Feb 22 12:57:52 2006
The services for Cpl Lundstrom bring a tear to the eye.
--Cole Wed Feb 22 15:02:25 2006

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