dc redux day 1
I don't love either, but I prefer the bottom one. It's straighter, and I like the contrasty thing of the lights on the dark background. Plus, you can't see the less-attractive industrial-looking buildings very much in the darker ones.
--Max Sun Feb 26 10:15:11 2006
Most definitely the bottom one
--Beau Sun Feb 26 13:50:03 2006
Well, that didn't drum up as much feedback as I might've hoped, but not surprising for some not-stunning photos on a lazy Sunday...

I guess I'll wait before I post the "answers" in case anyone else wants to play...
--Kirk Mon Feb 27 09:53:53 2006
Further guesses by email:
YELM (well, MELM) preferred the night one but guessed that I "prefer the more industrial look of the first shot." FoSO didn't like either of them and had no idea which one I preferred, but did like the photo of the consulate.
--Kirk Mon Feb 27 15:34:22 2006

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