dc redux day 2
The seat back thing is the one hack stand-up bit that I've never seen fully explained.
--Nick B Mon Feb 27 11:43:35 2006
Sure, trays up makes sense, but I can't think of the accident where that kind of good posture is going to be a big boon.

Or maybe it's just a holdover from flights and classes that have fully reclining chairs?
--Kirk Mon Feb 27 12:51:31 2006
Planes taxi on low engine power, though sometimes they use special vehicles (massive tires & very powerful engines) which push/pull them by the nosewheel (kinda like a tugboat).

In an accident that lowered tray table would probably break your ribs and your reclined chair would increase your whiplash and break the neck of the guy behind you.

--ericball Tue Feb 28 08:30:33 2006
The latch on the seatback is strongest upright position.

Yes, because of prevailing winds and where the rich people live, flying into, say DC from Boston, will follow the same route and bank the same way most of the time.
--xoxoxo Bruce Tue Feb 28 20:35:31 2006
Good answers, thanks!
--Kirk Wed Mar 1 09:20:05 2006

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