dc redux day 3
Dude. . .you're paying for the experience. =D
--The_Lex Tue Feb 28 09:15:30 2006
Do those TV's even have the sound on? And if they do, can you even hear one TV over another?
--Nick B Tue Feb 28 11:41:39 2006
Well for the big screen, you only have sound for the main screen, not the ones flanking.

For the tables, I assume they each have their own sound, I don't know if they have some acoustic buffering trickery to limit the crossnoise.
--Kirk Tue Feb 28 11:47:51 2006
the twilight sky in this photo of georgetown is quite lovely. i love a gradient of blue.
--FoSO Wed Mar 1 17:15:33 2006
Ugh. Clearly you should add a TV-B-Gone to your arsenal of gadgetry.

Every restaurant in Florida seems to have at least one TV blaring somewhere. My TV-B-Gone has been invaluable against the pointless-noise invasion.
--Cordelia Thu Mar 2 09:11:28 2006
Umm, it would be a little rude and pointless and go to a place centered around a Sports TV network and then take a stand against intrusive Sports TV.
--Kirk Thu Mar 2 09:45:28 2006

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