remembering the sabbath day
What? You haven't heard of Mike the headless chicken?
--xoxoxoBruce Sun Mar 12 11:17:06 2006
Good point! I forgot about that!

Never say never.
--Kirk Sun Mar 12 11:24:00 2006
I grew up much earlier than most of the plpeoe who have commented here. The only time I ever remember feeling rushed was when I personally procrastinated doing a homework assignment. It was never because I was over scheduled. I do think there are many reasons why we were less rushed. There were not as many activities available, especially for girls. We had choir practice and youth group if we were involved with a church. Girl Scouts was my only activity outside of church and school. Some plpeoe had 4H Club or joined the YMCA. My brother played sports but it was all very low key. I played some ball in the empty lot next door but nothing organized.Summers were very lazy. I always went to Bible School and Girl Scout camp. We walked or rode bikes. I remember riding my bike to my grandparents home which was out in the country on a farm. I don't know how far it actually was but it was a long ride and we had no cell phone with us. We took long hikes up the mountain without adults and played in the neighborhood creek. We came home when we were hungry or when it got dark. I did play dolls and paper dolls inside but it was not in an air conditioned house. I think TV changed things but even after we had one there were very few programs on the air. I don't think that the new way is wrong and the old way was right. I just think that things are different. My mother and father also had a very different childhood from mine and times will continue to change. Hopefully the thing that will stay with each generation is teaching children right from wrong in a loving manner so that they will feel loved and secure.
--Chihiro Mon Mar 4 19:03:34 2013

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