ventrella ahoy
It's not that I can't wait for Spore to come out.

I can't wait for Spore to have been out for a year.
--Nick B Mon Mar 13 14:40:42 2006
Because you want to see what people are going to do with it, or???

Anything interest you from today's links?
--Kirk Mon Mar 13 16:52:43 2006
There was a game called Evolution for the Commodore 64 where you started out as a microbe and ended up as a human. It looked like a port from an Apple II game, though. It even played a monophonic version of "Joy to the World" in the bullfrog level, as if the C64 had one squarewave speaker. And no Buttfaces or Care Bears.

I'll download the bird when I get home.
--Nick B Mon Mar 13 17:30:36 2006
George Lakoff's "Where Mathematics Comes From" is a book that I would recommend without reservation ... as is his book "Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things"

--Skidbladnr Mon Mar 13 20:17:01 2006
Kafka or reincarnation?
--The_Lex Tue Mar 14 09:57:03 2006
--Kirk Tue Mar 14 10:26:12 2006
Love the Gravity Tetris. I know it's anthromorphising, but the bouncy-tipsy-resistance to going into place makes the blocks very life-like!
--YELM Tue Mar 14 15:50:35 2006

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