I think you're assuming that the drop is because of Iraq or something. Most of the Republicans I know would say now because of his stupid domestic policies, even though they are satisfied with Iraq. I'm sympathetic.
--LAN3 Tue Mar 14 12:14:19 2006
Also, whoever invented those alarm clocks, especially the ones that involve the clock or its components flying or rolling around the room, obviously are not people who sleep in the same room as their dogs.

I suppose, though, people with dogs *have* a working alarm clock, even if it doesn't keep strict time.
--LAN3 Tue Mar 14 12:17:01 2006
What do you call a bunch of rabbits going backwards? A receding hareline.

--Sleepless in Seattle Tue Mar 14 12:39:36 2006
It would be very difficult to make a case that Mr. Bush was not hell-bent on invading Iraq. This is rather a moot point now. I would love to hear a really intelligent discussion of the best strategy moving forward. I have yet to hear a clear and intelligent go-forward strategy from anyone. Hating Georgie is easy. 
--Cole Tue Mar 14 12:41:20 2006
Honestly, I have no idea what the best strategy going forward is. I am more sharply aware of who I don't trust to make the right decision about it though.
--Kirk Tue Mar 14 13:36:58 2006
Fake or not, this, I think, perfectly summarizes why things need to change:

However, I, like you, see no clear path out. Though I think just leaving would be a pretty bad idea.
--Mr. Ibis Tue Mar 14 15:23:22 2006
That's some happy horseshit "Fake or not". So if someone tells you a sad story about some place far away, regardless of the facts, you will consider that sad story as a valid reason for change. Bet you buy Cokes for a smile and McD's burgers because Ronald helps left-out children on ice rinks.

You deserve every ounce of "truthiness" you get from your TV.  I'll send you a greatest hits compilation: "Hanoi Hannah", "Bagdad Betty", and "Tokyo Rose".

----EVIL BASTARD Tue Mar 14 19:29:29 2006
stephen colbert for president!
--FoSo Wed Mar 15 10:53:26 2006
From my understanding, Bush Sr. got voted out of office because he focused too much on Iraq and not enough on domestic issues. . ..

I read an essay written by one of the UN inspections, and he pretty much said that they did use "teeth" along with LOGIC and REASON to come to the conclusion that Saddam didn't have anything like nukes or biological-chemical weapons.

I have a suspicion, though, that there could have been some kind of basis for the attack when taking into account the Oil for Food scandals. . .which could supposedly validate the attack except I haven't seen any real connection made and other action could've been taken to address the issue.

Nonetheless, yeah. . .as for the getting out of Iraq, leading them toward democracy and freedom, I'm quite confused lately. From what I've read, a lot of the violence doesn't even come from native insurgents but Irani and other Middle East country sponsored terrorists. . .but I don't know if that's spin or not.

Some crazy conspiracy theorists love to argue that the violence has sponsorship from the US. . .similar ot their argument about 9/11.

These days, I hardly know what to believe when I read the news. . ..
--The_Lex Wed Mar 15 22:06:42 2006

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