make mine music!
My only objection is that the Talking Heads version of "Burning Down the House," is much better than the bland Cartigans version, especially when listened-to in the privacy of your own head at moderate to high volume.

Besides, the song was written around David Byrne's vocal abilities; others singing it sound unnatural.
--LAN3 Wed Mar 15 11:20:45 2006
Actually the one on my playlist is the Tom Jones version, which I think is pretty rockin'... maybe still unnatural to people more familiar with the original.
--Kirk Wed Mar 15 13:22:30 2006
Kirk, not a whole lot of current stuff in there, is there? Seems like most everything's at least several years old and incredibly mainstream. It's all fun, upbeat stuff though. Still I worry that you might be getting old and sad before your time.
--Cole Wed Mar 15 15:28:42 2006
I think that's why computer rooms had raised floors, so you could bury the cables, right? Because tripping over one would be very bad, especially when the equipment you might damage costs tens of thousands of 1972 dollars.
--Nick B Wed Mar 15 16:20:08 2006
BTW, look in plorkwort's LiveJournal to find a link to an old ad for Prime computers featuring Tom Baker as Doctor Who. Watch a fictional time traveler treat a 1979 cabinet computer like the Holy Grail.
--Nick B Wed Mar 15 16:21:05 2006
You're absolutely half right.

The much diminished rate of growth of my music collection is a little dismaying to me... college was the real boon time and I've still had a growing collection, but still, am probably getting old and crusty and unappreciate of new stuff. I mean, I like electronica, but everything else seems to be either too Popish or trying too hard to be Indy for e to groove on.

BUT--this list is heavily skewed because it is based on "party music" I you get a bit of more recent electronica, but I've found what really gets the place jumping is late 80s - early 90s party hiphop that everyone is familiar with. Especially I Like Big Butts.
--Kirk Wed Mar 15 17:14:30 2006
I'm ambivalent about my reduction in music consciousness post-college. =(
--The_Lex Wed Mar 15 22:09:24 2006
Ah, that's right-- you sent or directed me to that Tom Jones version.. hmm, I still gotta go with David Byrne, but Jones can certainly do it justice.

Nick B-- you're right about the raised floors of computer rooms. If you see a computer room with a raised floor these days, it's safe to call it a "Dinosaur pen."

Kirk- Popish is not equal to Poppish. I would not say your music is particularly Popish, since the Pope, with his new iPod nano, mainly listens to classical and Vatican Radio podcasts.
--LAN3 Wed Mar 15 23:29:42 2006
Incidentally, at my workplace there is such a room. I think the oldest machines there are VAXen from the 80's though.
--Nick B Thu Mar 16 00:18:14 2006

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