orange you glad i didn't say banana
--LAN3 Fri Mar 17 11:21:39 2006
Tha slaughter of the helpless orange is acceptable because......
It's for the children.

--xoxoxo Bruce Fri Mar 17 18:35:30 2006
You can't make OJ without the slaughter of innocent oranges.

Still, it looks like this one was dismembered by hand, instead of a clean kill with a sharp knife.
--LAN3 Sat Mar 18 03:58:06 2006
... at least it wasn't painfully zested, first!
--LAN3 Sat Mar 18 19:17:51 2006
Posts like this bigrhten up my day. Thanks for taking the time.
--Savion Mon Jun 20 04:39:54 2011
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