"the best programmer encom ever had, and he ends up playing space cowboy in some back room"
In "Burning Chrome," William Gibson's short-story collection, there's a standout short called "Dogfight" about a petty criminal who roams around Virginia playing "Spads & Fokkers," a game in which you put on a headset which takes inputs from your brain and projects holograms a small biplane or triplane (or several planes) into the air nearby-- it can dogfight with other such planes. The story is chock full of hints about brain-hacking going on as well.
--LAN3 Tue Mar 21 15:01:59 2006
Oh yeah, I think i checked out that story from the link you sent me...

yeah, the Star Trek game seems sadly pedestrian... I mean, you'd think they were beyond "Holographic Atari Combat" by then..., which is almost exactly what that game seems to be.

I liked how that story mentioned that an exposed lightbulb in the arena allowed for strategic elements like "diving out of the sun"...
--Kirk Tue Mar 21 16:50:43 2006

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