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you spend too much time thinking about what influenced you and your personality. are you trying to excuse current behaviors by looking into your past? flimsy. 

--FoSO Thu Mar 23 15:50:41 2006
It's a good point. I naval gaze a bit too much, but that's just because I find myself so interesting.

I think it's useful though. I mean willing myself to be, say, a better loser when it comes to videogaming or to tackle a project that I'm not confident about head on rather than practicing avoidance strategies (which I'm a Zen Master at), or to not strongly resent my SO when she seems more clingy and cuddley than I'm in the mood for is a little easier if I have some understanding of why I might be feeling this way. It's kind of a "life examined" thing.

It's looking for explanations and personal understanding, not excuses. I'm perfectly willing to admit some of these habits are terrible... I guess navalgazing into the past lets me admit that terribleness without feeling like such a terrible person overall.
--Kirk Thu Mar 23 16:05:34 2006
you do indeed find yourself interesting! ;) but so do i, or i wouldn't even be commenting.
--FoSo Thu Mar 23 16:39:59 2006
Kirk, I believe I have a 98 CD.
But sadly, I don't find you that interesting :0
----EB Thu Mar 23 17:13:43 2006
heh, er, thanks.

The thing is how I still experience some of the same emtions i did a over the years, but now I feel a lot more about where it comes from.
--Kirk Thu Mar 23 17:59:23 2006

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