the designers of diabolical dumbth
those post-its are meant for a 'pop up' dispenser - i actually like them quite a lot. but i can see that without the dispenser it's just annoying.
--FoSO Sun Mar 26 12:50:09 2006
Oh, like a kleenex box?

Seems even w/ the popup you've lost the ability to write on the paper before removing it from the box...
--Kirk Sun Mar 26 12:55:20 2006
I think you're assuming that people don't store a ton of stuff in their inbox, and you're wrong wrong wrong. I've seen all sorts of sort behaviors from both windows and Mac users (though we're just about finished migrating everyone to PC); some people never delete and never file; other people file emails in subfolders of Inbox (I do this for separating out listmail), while other people have the filed-emails folders just sitting on the server outside of inbox, and still others file them in personal or archive folders, which is to say in a .pst file somewhere on their PC. In addition to being best for many if not most users (because they keep everything in one place), Search in place is the only reasonable way to cut out the constant extra step of asking where to search. Besides which, most people who are looking for old emails will go to the place they thought it was in and make a half-assed manual search themselves.

Also, you're right about the drawbacks of the post-it dispenser. Worse still, should you drop your pad of post-its, half the time it accordians out everywhere and something will tear the pack in two, and then you're using an orphaned post-it pack with a sticky bottom.
--LAN3 Sun Mar 26 14:27:01 2006
No, I've started keeping the bulk of my email in my inbox, with minimal segregating out of stuff I know is more referencable... search in place, which I meant as describing what looks like a folder view is actually your current search results, isn't incompatible with using "here" (i.e. the folder currently viewed) as a search starting location, but with some kind of popup.

Of course, my dislike of "search in place" as done on windows has a history,

--Kirk Sun Mar 26 17:32:57 2006

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