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In late January I started a lifechanging fitness plan, including revamped nutrition and serious exercise regimen. It has been an awesome experience. It's been easier to lose weight than build muscle though. It's great for personal growth.
--Cole Mon Mar 27 15:16:59 2006
Details! What plan? Commercial or personal? 
--Kirk Mon Mar 27 15:33:08 2006
I sort of built my own hybrid of a few different plans with the guidance of a personal trainer. The heart of the program is the nutrition component to BodyRx . . a book I highly recommend and which you can pick up at any major book chain. The exercise is a mix of Body for Life's strength training with a daily cardio workout. 

It's really a pretty balanced approach and reading the two books above, they really rang true for me.
--Cole Mon Mar 27 22:13:14 2006
Hey the David and Dania thing- you have to pick up the tape and put it into the VCR to watch the video-- its pretty cool! I saw them live at the Q (aka Gund Arena) 
--Kim from Euclid Tue Mar 28 01:28:55 2006
Me again- weird- it worked for me the first time- I swear- then I went back and it won't oh well...
--Kim from Euclid Tue Mar 28 01:31:43 2006
Yeah, it's can click on a tape to see a screenshot, and then I managed to drag it once but the video didn't start...pretty bad trying to hard to be cute UI!
--Kirk Tue Mar 28 07:38:46 2006

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