i've learned that to truly be classified a haiku, the poem must reference a season.
--FoSO Tue Mar 28 11:47:23 2006
Sure, it's already seasonal:
duck season!
rabbit season!
antihippopotamus season!

More wisdom on this tomorrow.
--Kirk Tue Mar 28 11:55:46 2006
How to write unmaintainable code is very good. Lots of examples which fall under the heading of "unintentional bad coding practises", in addition to the malicious stuff.

--ericball Tue Mar 28 12:54:39 2006
How did the antihippopotamus thing come up in discussion? Was it just like "I wonder if Kirk is the number one google hit for antihippopotamus?" And then BAM you were?
--Candi Tue Mar 28 19:59:43 2006
Well...let's see....we were talking about exercise, and they used to do this cute thing where he'd be walking on the treadmill, and they'd put the game "Kingdom of Loathing" on the big video projector, and she would click around as he directed. Anyway, I saw the antihippopotamus thing there first, and I mentioned how the author wrote me to thank for attributing it properly, most people weren't, and so he googled for it, and made the discovery...
--Kirk Tue Mar 28 21:32:19 2006
And now you'll have two results on Google for "antihippopotamus"... Congrats!
--prohippopotamus Tue Mar 28 23:36:16 2006
Wow...and once Google picks up on this comment, perhaps I'll be the only hit for "prohippopotamus"! Neat.
--Kirk Wed Mar 29 10:24:31 2006

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