More money may not equal happiness in some cases, but there are thresholds where it does, I think. The line between worrying about making rent every month and not is a good example.

Contrarywise, humans have such good adaptability that whatever the bump in finances, it eventually becomes "normal" to have X amount of money. So the new raise is cool for a few months, but then you adjust. However, I think that the shorter commute, while you may get used to it, feeds more free time into your life, and that is always a good thing.
--Mr. Ibis Thu Mar 30 12:30:17 2006
I don't have a car, yet my commute is 30 minutes TOPS, because my apartment complex is so close to work. Why am I depressed?

Also, did you see Penn & Teller's Bullshit episode on "The Best"?
--Nick B Thu Mar 30 13:49:31 2006
Commute time (and direction, always try to live east of where you work) is something people often don't think about when they're buying a house. They just want something cheap and fully detached and end up with a long commute. (An hour each way is not uncommon around Toronto, and that's on a good day.)
--ericball Thu Mar 30 16:26:26 2006
Nick B, no what's it about?

ericball, it can get complicated can change more often than houses probaby should, and if you're cohabitating, you have to find a compromise location. Of course in Boston most non-wealthy folks have bigger tradeoffs to make, house size v. location to work.
--Kirk Thu Mar 30 17:03:15 2006
It is just you. Spammers are not suddenly into telling you about their "new email address".
--Mr. McSpamerson Fri Mar 31 00:54:57 2006
"The Best" was a whimsical Bullshit episode, in which they convinced a room full of fancy restaurant patrons that they were eating a five-star meal, while the prop guy cooked up some cheap food and made it look as good as possible. They interviewed a guy who had dozens of PDA's. They showed one of those weird Internet-enabled microwave-fridges that they have at CES.

The DVD of the third season should be out soon. BitTorrents should be out right now.
--Nick B Fri Mar 31 01:05:03 2006

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