descartes walks into a bar
Happy birthday, Kirk!
--The_Lex Fri Mar 31 09:42:09 2006

Trying not to troll TOO hard for birthday wishes ;-)
--Kirk Fri Mar 31 11:00:55 2006
Brother Butch Happy Birthday!!
--Beau Fri Mar 31 15:30:20 2006
It's also Christopher Walken's birthday.
--Nick B Fri Mar 31 16:14:52 2006
Happy Birthday Kirk!

Now, to restrict Google, all you need to do is to use the appropriate <META> tags. <a href="">I did this nearly three years ago</a> and it kind of works. Mostly. Sort of. But it was easy for me to add, and I don't see why you couldn't do something similar here.

--Sean Conner Fri Mar 31 16:47:06 2006
So the moral to the joke is, "I drink, therefore I am?"
--X Fri Mar 31 19:22:04 2006
Hippo birdie 2 ewe!
--ErinMaru Fri Mar 31 21:14:55 2006
Happy Birthday on You
Happy Birthday on You
Happy Birthday all over You
Happy Birthday on You
--xoxoxo Bruce Fri Mar 31 22:33:33 2006
I bet that joke dates back to Descartes's lifetime.
--Nick B Fri Mar 31 23:42:15 2006
--Candi Sat Apr 1 11:13:38 2006
Oooooooohhhh. . .drinks!
--The_Lex Sat Apr 1 11:31:15 2006

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