Wow, Prof. Schmolze died? I hadn't heard. I really enjoyed my comp 11 class with him. Any idea what he died from?
--Max Thu Apr 6 19:07:17 2006
I worked for Dr Howell in the building between the gym and the hill, in '64/'65.
I was one of three machinists working on his balloon research project. We built a balloon package to fly from Alamogordo, NM.
At 100k+ feet, a reworked Nikon took infrared pictures of the Moon and Venus through a 24' telescope that used gold plated beryllium mirrors.

--xoxoxo Bruce Thu Apr 6 19:47:32 2006
pancreatic cancer according to the Globe obituary...

Bruce, wow, that's pretty cool, didn't know you had a Tufts connection.
--Kirk Thu Apr 6 20:47:15 2006

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