running away to see the circus
It's not a tent, it's a Big Top! Honestly.... ;-)
--Catherine Fri Apr 7 11:21:17 2006
Well, I think it's technically also a "Circus Tent". But Big Top is a mre fun word.
--Kirk Fri Apr 7 12:25:27 2006
Technically, it's two words.... ;-P
I think we may have hit upon another of those international differences again.
--Catherine Sat Apr 8 06:34:26 2006
<nag>well, "phrase" or "expression" would have been a better choice than "two words"</nag>

In the USA, "Big Top" is kind of a... I dunno, "fancy" expression...circus tent is to big top as...major league baseball is to "the big league". Not that that's very international.
--Kirk Sat Apr 8 09:01:27 2006
I've always thought of Big Top to be shorthand for a circus that does altitude acts such as tightrope performances and flying trapeze, at least, and possibly more complicated acts using large rigs such as motorcycles inside a spherical cage, etc.

Of course, when I was young, I had no idea that the Circus could be anything but a big-top, but nowadays they're all sorts of Cirques and Circuses, and one that can't do high-wire but can do a million good animal acts would still be perfectly entertaining.
--LAN3 Sat Apr 8 13:31:50 2006
Your trapeze photo is great! It has the same dark feel as our circus print of the girl on the horse. Nice work.
--yelm Mon Apr 10 07:36:57 2006
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--Kamal Tue Jan 8 10:01:41 2013
Mark - That photo of the couple in the geazbo (vertical) with the path leading out into the foreground, is stunning. AMAZING work. How many flashes did you use?
--Fabio Fri Apr 12 00:16:39 2013

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