busy busy busy
right back atcha.
--FoSO Sun Apr 9 17:53:30 2006
I was reading with interest the unique user count at the footer of your page, and wondered if you have every had in impromtu survey of the people who read your blog? Clearly a lot of the people who post comments here know you personally, but I'm sure there are readers who have never met you (I'm one of them). How about the regular readers of your site post a comment here with a short paragraph explaining who they are, the area of their work, how long they've been reading your blog, how they found out about it ... etc. (No need to give specifics, or other traceable personal information, just enough to set context).
--/\/ick Mon Apr 10 01:03:49 2006
I could think about setting something like that up... sometimes that kind of stuff doesn't get a ton of response, but it might be worthwhile anyway...
the other thing I'd like to get back to is being able to do LJ-style polls...
--Kirk Mon Apr 10 05:45:21 2006
Oh, and I've come to the conclusion that the bottom of the page numbers aren't always trustworthy. I think my system sometimes is only looking at half the appropriate records.
--Kirk Mon Apr 10 05:57:22 2006

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