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--Candi Mon Apr 10 08:15:45 2006
But if you don't have the little creamer tubs at the table, you can't do the fork-in-your-eye trick.
--Nick B Mon Apr 10 09:44:36 2006
Is it because of the tax implications, rather than customer service?
--/\/ick Mon Apr 10 11:23:22 2006
Oops, sorry Candy....
--Kirk Mon Apr 10 13:23:01 2006
I'll trust McDonald's with the cream and sugar when you can order a quarter-pounder without cheese.
--Nick B Tue Apr 11 12:28:08 2006
You should be able to order a "quarter ham", although I don't think they give you the price break anymore. Just say "Quarter Pounder, hold the cheese" and you should get it. Another tricky one is my wife's favorite - "Quarter Cheese, chesse only".

Tim Horton's (Canadian coffee & donuts) also adds the cream & sugar. (Double-double is well known shorthand for two cream and two sugar.) Last year they added a "Tim's" to the company cafeteria, however if the line is too long I'll go the self-serve route and add my own cream & sugar.

--ericball Tue Apr 11 12:42:31 2006
Here's a crazy thought - have you considered *not having doughnuts for breakfast*?
--Catherine Wed Apr 12 06:59:33 2006
Sure, I only grab a donut about 1/3 of the time.
--Kirk Wed Apr 12 08:22:13 2006

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