give me liberty or give me breasts
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As if the people of California aren't aderaly paying an astronomical amount each month aderaly, So. Calif. Edison and PGE now intend to put an additional financial burden on customers. All we are requesting is to keep our existing analog meters and not be charged additional fees. Now you plan to charge customers a $75.00 initial fee and an additional $10.00 initial fee each month? There is no justifiable reason for SCE and PGE to charge customers for the meters they have always had.The Smart Meters were and have been forced upon people in the first place. Customers were not even informed in advance that Smart Meters were going to be installed.Shame on you and I hope the lawyers do file suit against both companies for what you are doing to the customers. We spoke out and gave our opinions about the Smart Meters and you just did not want to listen.
--Heloisa Fri Apr 6 18:03:31 2012
I am electro-sensitive, which for me means that I am a carany in the coal mine. Have you had the perception and memory to notice the decreasing quality of thinking, language and behavior of people? Think wireless/smart meter radiation. I got DOUBLE ear infections and extreme weakness in both elbows within days and months of sleeping next to 6 smart meters in my 6 unit apartment. Years before I would get sharp pain in my head when riding an internet equipped BUS. Regardless of your ability to observe, believe, understand EMF harm, Aspartame harm, it's important to practice CAUTION and be open-minded because prevention and avoidance happens best with discernment and , every time I am near wireless routers, I get a general uneasiness which then starts out as a dull pain on he left side of my head then if I do not leave soon, it turns into a sharp pain in the top left rear area of my head. The point being is that all people are not invincible/unaffected to EMF radiation. People make the mistake of only believing something when they or someone they know experiences that event/phenomena. Our ability to perceive is limited by observation, imagination, and lack of reason. Nothing about smart meters makes sense. They say it is cheaper, better for energy saving but you can never trust govt because they always mess everything up but fail forward towards MORE control, more power over your life at the expense of your health, wealth, and peace of mind. Either way, due diligence and wisdom or apathy and ignorance are all personal rights and options. And remember, you are more likely to be lacking information, analysis, watch all the videos, google EMF radiation, wireless radiation harm/danger etc. You will find many points of view but many are based on sheer ignorance, blind denial, people that hope instead of reason. Compare that to someone that has a battery of knowledge and that is why some cannot withstand a clear and calm exchange of information, instead they will throw insults, ad-hominems etc and try to derail the enlightenment. A friend of mine and her family I have known for many years, her and her family's health has decreased tremendously. Think zombie-like and I notice other people doing and saying really stupid things because their bodies and brains cannot think clearly when the EMF bombardment is so unhealthy.
--Jack Sun Aug 12 06:54:09 2012

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