interview with steve harter, creator of crossroads and crossroads ii
How could I have missed out on a game as awesome-looking as this?

I'm going to download it right away.
--Nick B Thu Apr 13 21:02:32 2006
I have to log into Fileplanet to download a 160k file? WTF?

Planetquake used to be my favorite website in college. Oh how they have strayed from the path...

Good thing you provided that link to the tribute page.
--Nick B Thu Apr 13 21:18:33 2006
Wow, feedback! The sound of indifference was becoming deafening... but still it's nice to pretend that this is a bully-pulpit for this kind of thing.

The other tribute page creator is actually trying her hand at a remake (though not a 1 to 1 port w/ the original cast)...

To answer your first question, the game never got the mainstream attention it deserved because of its release solely as a type-in (or disk edition if you were really lucky) for COMPUTE's Gazette, a popular magazine but probably w/ a declining audience already by the time 1987 rolled around.
--Kirk Fri Apr 14 07:13:46 2006
Woah. How long would it have taken to type that sucker in?
--The_Lex Fri Apr 14 08:28:49 2006
I've heard someone say a couple of hours.
--Kirk Fri Apr 14 08:41:45 2006
Well, I was on BBSes with a Commodore in the early 90's. I figure I would have picked it up on a BBS.
--Nick B Fri Apr 14 11:15:33 2006

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