book 'em danno
Some people see the hallmark of a "smart" person is someone who is always lending or borrowing new books with friends.

It's interesting that you demonstrate such an appetite for new ideas and technology, but still hoard books. Do you think the way you catalogue and revisit your old posts is related behavior?

I'm not judging. You're an interesting cat. I'm just curious.
--Cole Fri Apr 14 11:08:25 2006
I think the glare from the monitor makes it much harder to read from a computer screen for an extended length of time like you can more easily do with a book.
--The_Lex Fri Apr 14 11:38:33 2006
Cole, don't worry, I wasn't feeling particularly attacked... and will always take any chance to think and talk about myself...

So, there are two questions here, perhaps... 1. Why books instead of some kind of e-reader? 2. Why a personal hoard of books rather than a dispersed and shared collection?

I think the answer to the first one is pretty easy: neither the technology nor (especially!) the selection of content is there right now in e-reader form. (Lex is very right in that regard, from eyestrain, to portability, to thumbability, to expense, to creative layout, books are miles ahead.) And the modern distribution methods (like Amazon) that make it less neccesary to keep every title on hand are relatively new in my life as a reader

Two is why a hoard...well, I think even with readers more aggresively social than me, reading is a solitary pursuit, and while I've lent many books and borrowed to a lesser extent, usually those titles make their way back to the original owner's bookshelves.

I think collecting books, besides the "smart person thing to do" feeling, also has an element of "I might want to come back to that someday!"

And why own books rather than rely on the library...well, with your own books there aren't deadlines for finishing, and usually I've had enough disposable income to support it. (Plus bookstores keep easier hours than libraries, in general... and book purchases are a form of financial voting.)

Actually, my detailed and committed cataloging of "media consumed" should make it easier to let go, especially when supported by stuff like Amazon and its used title program. If I do a big purge, I might well make a small database recording Title, Author, and if I think I ever got around to reading it and around when.
--Kirk Fri Apr 14 12:48:04 2006
Recently purged books to get ready for the big move to Chicago. . .kinda fun, especially when a lot of the books are from my childhood or old, old musty books I picked up from a college professor.
--The_Lex Fri Apr 14 15:25:13 2006

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