such a card!
Van Ho, Van Ho, its off to march he goes, he trips and falls and marks time wrong, Van Ho, Van Ho. 
--Aww C'mon you know who this is Fri Apr 21 11:49:49 2006

I loved that song, so much better than the "and breaks down walls" variant.
--Kirk Fri Apr 21 12:07:21 2006
Weird... OSX Firefox turns the suit symbols into lines. Oddly, some of the characters are pre-faded, all anti-alias with no core...
--Kirk Sat Apr 22 13:55:57 2006
I wonder if it's a chracter-encoding or charset issue. Those things are always such a pain in the ass.

BTW, I got my AlphaGrip ( a few days ago, I really love the concept, we'll see how it all turns out in a month when I can type more than 5WPM.
--Mr. Ibis Sat Apr 22 21:28:44 2006

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