day of the earth
dude, i can't see the kittens! something i'm doing wrong? other small animations show up. also, grammatical error on that page.
--FoSO Sat Apr 22 12:26:46 2006
nevermind - i got the kittens! yay!
--FoSO Sat Apr 22 12:27:55 2006
Grammatical error? What, "bob s.
and i"? I think technically it could go either way, depending on what you feel the implied context is. "bob s. and i are dancing like idiots" is acceptable, "It's bob s. and me!" would work too.
--Kirk Sat Apr 22 13:53:44 2006
since all is says is "bob s. and i," the implication is for the latter. 
--FoSO Sat Apr 22 16:07:37 2006
Well, nevermind - you got the kittens!
--Kirk Sat Apr 22 17:02:12 2006
in the end, i suppose kittens are all that really matter.
--FoSO Sun Apr 23 06:46:43 2006
Me think so too.
--Kirk Sun Apr 23 10:17:02 2006

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