monkey boogie
for you buckaroo banazai geeks out there, the author of "dance, monkey, dance" penned a sequel to "across the 8th dimension" called "vs. the world crime league" that's not half bad. it was purchased but, sadly, never produced.
--FoSO Mon Apr 24 08:43:24 2006
Hey Kirk, just my editing mind working. . .you have the wrong "there" in the first quote between "the only animals that think" and "supposed to be happy" unless it's wrong in the quote.
--The_Lex Mon Apr 24 10:10:17 2006
You're right, corrected
--Kirk Mon Apr 24 13:25:49 2006

I really coudln't ask for more from this article.
--Caiya Fri Sep 9 15:57:09 2011
I have to say, that other video of him getting sex adcvie from Olmec is seriously hilarious. But really, when the production company is listing the selling points of a movie being that the guy used to host LOTHT? That's not a good enough reason to see a movie, in my opinion. The trailer (along with the plot summary) make it look like it blows chunks.
--Sangiely Tue Jan 8 06:31:12 2013

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