Well, if you want to check out recycling computers and electronic equipment, check out 1-800-WASTE-54.

Otherwise, if you can avoid moving 178 pieces of boxes/furniture/etc. that ways 1.5 tons, I'd say go for it. Then again, that's for two people, and one of them not being very materialistic, so I guess that's not incredibly bad.
--The_Lex Fri Apr 28 09:47:06 2006
What's the # for? Just for recycling?

The idea of being more move-able is only a small part of the general urge to lighten up... it's as much about the space in my head as the space in my apartment.

I wonder how much of the weight of my stuff is books and electronics vs the much smaller number of much heavier things, like mattresses and couches. ( move won't have a 200 lb TV... another reason why I prefer Video Projectors)
--Kirk Fri Apr 28 09:53:25 2006
Right on, get rid of it!
If you haven't spun the straw into gold yet, you won't.
With all the electronic donumentation you've done, you don't need a 3-D version of the Lakota Winter Counts.
--xoxoxo Bruce Fri Apr 28 18:06:35 2006
Yeah, the 200 lb TV DOES suck.

But yeah, I think that number's for recycling electronics. They charge you the shipping and a fee for non-computer stuff, but at least you won't be contaminating the environment and such.
--The_Lex Sat Apr 29 14:26:22 2006

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