crossing some rubicon or other
If you can handle the responsibilities, I think this job/experience could be very good for you.
--The_Lex Wed May 3 07:55:33 2006
I am amazed that you would entertain this idea, but agree that it would be a trying but incredible growth experience.
--Cole Wed May 3 15:26:23 2006
Ugh. What's so amazing about it? Would we be in totally over our heads?
--Kirk Wed May 3 15:27:26 2006
I hate to be a nay-sayer, but unfortunately it's just something I do well...
I have to say that based on your post, this is probably an extraordinarily bad idea. Unless you are absolutely certain that you want to be involved in elder care, it's not fair to yourself, or the residents to be responsible for their needs in this way. You definitely do not sound convinced (let alone, from all the time I've been reading, I've never seen you mention being even slightly interested in this type of thing).
Moreover, I doubt that this will give Ksenia any more "independence". To the contrary, it sounds like this might make her feel all the more dependent on you, because (assumably) there will be times when she'll want to be able to be out of the pad when you guys are on shift, and you'll have the trump card on that ability.

Now, admittedly, I don't actually know any of the parties involved. I'm just a random more-or-less stranger. But, I feel compelled to give you my take anyway.
--FB3 Wed May 3 15:45:12 2006
FB3, thanks for chiming in.

Maybe I should talk more w/ Olga, and find out what the active responsibilities and resident needs look like. The feeling seems to be more like, I dunno, a superintendent, say (not that I've had a lot of experience with those) rather than any kind of caregiver.

I admit it's more of a position that dropped itself into our lap, rather than something we would have thought to actively consider. Despite that, it is an intriguing possible response to questions about "how can I live a smaller footprint life" that I have been thinking of.
--Kirk Wed May 3 15:57:22 2006

True. And, I apologize if I came off a bit harsh. I can appreciate the desire to live "smaller" and/or more meaningful-ly (heh, is that a word).
--FB3 Thu May 4 11:21:32 2006
No problem... and for this kind of thing, it's definately worth hearing from a devil's advocate.
--Kirk Thu May 4 11:52:06 2006
Devil here, advocate missed the train. 

Kirk, this idea sucks. You are trying to compensate for your fear of children and guilt over your self-indulgent life style by taking on a relatively selfless role. If you feel that this radical shift is necessary to make your life more meaningful, go ahead. But if you are just overcompensating, then you are going to make yourself ridiculously unhappy for the sake of an ill-earned martyr complex.

Hell, I would advise San Diego long before I would recommend this.
----EB Thu May 4 12:09:19 2006
EB, I don't it's quite as selfless and martyrish as all that. 
--Kirk Thu May 4 12:41:47 2006
you know i'm with EB on this one. 
--FoSO Fri May 5 07:09:18 2006
Been thinkin' on this for a couple days now. I'm with EB.

--YELAS Fri May 5 07:25:28 2006
It's kind of funny, when it comes to the things he brings up on his blog, Kirk never seems sure about anything. . .but I daresay that's more because he's using the blog more as a thinking place than anything else.
--The_Lex Sun May 7 12:24:22 2006
Actually that's kind of how I live my life.

There are some positive aspects to that, in terms of not jumping to conclusions and often being willing to change my mind as new evidence comes to light. There are some negative aspects as well, like where it might be a way of casting accountablity for my decisions onto others.
--Kirk Sun May 7 15:34:03 2006

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