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If Moussouai's role in the terrorist acts of 9/11 had been more direct and transparent, I wonder if a life sentence would have been passed.
--Cole Thu May 4 09:21:10 2006
I would guess it probably would have been the death sentence. Vengance is mine, thus sayeth the hoi polloi
--Kirk Thu May 4 09:36:17 2006
hmm, i actually said "no" to all four of the moral dilemmas thing... i'm not sure why i felt different than most people on #2 and #4.
--rosser Thu May 4 13:59:38 2006
Such a fatalist!
--Kirk Thu May 4 20:09:33 2006
I remember hearing on NPR something about giving Moussaoui the death penalty would have made him a martyr, giving him that much more of a victory for "the cause."

Looked at psychologically, though, there's a whole interesting thing to the whole thing.
--The_Lex Sun May 7 12:21:14 2006
Absolutely...I wouldn't be surprised if the guy's own feelings were mixed on the subject, the love of martyrdom being weight against a totally human fear of death.
--Kirk Sun May 7 15:36:57 2006

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