stuck in the middle with you
家在那裡, in my opinion, is a presoigitus topic that many people don’t even get to talk about. The privilege to ask implies the ability to choose and the choices is why we are so much richer than others. For many mainland Chinese, establishing a new “home” in Canada means letting go the one in China. Two homes rarely co-exist for them. So choices? Not so much, and that means stuck with what you got and work through it, baby. Sounds like arranged-married, which usually works out pretty good. =PI am glad that you all (Ray included) appreciate the place you call home, even it is temporary, and that you are constantly in pursuit of happiness (a better place/life). That’s what makes life so exciting! Saludo a las opciones que tenemos!
--Ionela Fri Jul 13 12:14:05 2012

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