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So right about Word spellcheck...if I'm bored I try to make it make pretty green and red patterns along a line, but even if I'm working I get distracted by it shouting at me. I like to do it all at the end when I've written all I want to.
--Catherine Mon May 8 19:32:59 2006
The problem I've always had with Word's background spellcheck (or OE making URLs and email addresses clickable) is given the right content they suck back processing power, often redoing the same thing over & over.
--ericball Wed May 10 09:45:43 2006

Great post! I think the spellchecker will be awsomee. I agree with the close tab button on each tab. I middle-click everything. Maybe it will make it more user-friendly for grandmas who only use one mouse button.
--Juan Fri Jul 13 06:10:30 2012

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