that's pretty cool
It's like a long animated version of one of my favorite Far Side cartoons, where the door read "School for the Gifted", and the handle said "Pull"
--Nick Bensema Mon May 8 18:20:05 2006
I am fascinated by the level of ferocity and energy that is generated by basic line drawings and little movement. Great!
--YELM Tue May 9 07:01:14 2006
That toon has been around for a while.
--ericball Wed May 10 09:47:35 2006
Yeah, it even has a 2003 date at the end, but I hadn't seen it before a few weeks ago.

I remember a trend for "stick figure death theater" that was happening, though sadly that seems to have profressed on to Flash rather than sticking with good ol' GIF'89.
--Kirk Wed May 10 10:48:34 2006

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