"i just deleted my dog's pirated copy of microsoft office" "how does he spell?" "terrible!"
That slate article reminds me that a few weeks ago, senior congressional Dems got together for several days to identify the core values of the party, and came up, I think, with a dozen. It came time for Sens. Clinton and, oh, Ted Kennedy or some other iconic Democrat to reveal them at some DNC function and... they had different lists.

I love the joke in today's title! But alas, it does not measure up to "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend..."
--LAN3 Tue May 9 17:29:30 2006
Heh, true. I'm trying to remember where I read about a nightlight especially designed to deal w/ the situation that joke describes in its punchline...

Neocons have done a great job of framing and the Democrats have to play catchup. Sometimes it seems hard to have a moderate position without coming across as a hippy or socialist.
--Kirk Tue May 9 17:43:08 2006
....and inside a dog, it's dark to read!

The title joke is pretty good/ bad too :-)
--Catherine Thu May 11 02:30:05 2006

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