kirk rocks
I agree with Shatner on the we become other molecules stuff, but I'm not very good at the getting out of serious mode.
--The_Lex Wed May 10 16:52:45 2006
Don't take life so serious, son, it ain't nohow permanent.
--W. Kelly
--Kirk Wed May 10 19:32:47 2006
ooo the @google thing is a good idea. I always end up forgetting the stuff I wanted to look up.
--Candi Thu May 11 09:39:48 2006
Yeah? What do you use for jotting todos down?

I broke of @google from @internet, since it was a strong subset, leaving behind things like e-mailing certain people or making changes on a website.

Incidentally, @google isn't always literally a hint to start at Google, though that's often the case. Google is becoming a bit of a genericized term for looking something up online I think.
--Kirk Thu May 11 13:48:00 2006
I wish I had better control over my taking stuff too seriously factor.
--The_Lex Fri May 12 09:28:02 2006
For jotting down todos, I use this new technological marvel- pen and postits! 

Sometimes I use a pencil!
--Candi Fri May 12 12:12:45 2006
I use postits sometimes... but they don't stick very well, and I don't like to carry 'em with me
--Kirk Fri May 12 14:00:41 2006
I have a tendency to ignore all task lists. . ..
--The_Lex Fri May 12 18:08:20 2006
1. Stop ignoring todo list!
--Kirk Fri May 12 23:08:20 2006

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